This past Saturday my college sorority was hosting a 5k fundraiser. I was fortunate enough that Farmer could hold down the fort at home. So I jumped in the car took off for East Lansing to participate along with some of my sorority sisters!

Lisa5krockI have seen friends and acquaintances run 5k’s for years but have never participated in them. I don’t run and I didn’t have the stamina to walk 3.1 miles either…. But oh did I want too!

I’ve been working on me for the past few years and after a debilitating knee injury I had enough. Weighing more than I ever care to admit, feeling like crap, and wanting to be healthy for my future and my kids; I had gastric sleeve surgery in November.

Now, weight loss surgery is NOT for everyone! It was a big decision that was made with myself, my doctor and my husband. It has not been a magic fix to my weight loss. But, it has been (for me) a useful tool. My weight will always be a lifelong process and this is not a magic fix.

I started a few months ago walking a ½ mile and worked my way up to 3.5 miles.  It still takes me forever and it’s tough. I can do it though and each week it gets a bit easier.

So, Saturday morning I tied up my tennis shoes and enjoyed a brisk walk through Michigan State’s campus weighing 95lbs less than I did two years ago and really happy with my accomplishment of walking a 5k in less than an hour, 53 minutes to be  exact!!

I have a lot more work to do but getting to that goal gives me the confidence and excitement to keep pushing forward and keep working on it! Who knows, there may be another 5k in my future…


2 thoughts on “I DID IT!!

  1. That’s amazing Lisa! You’re so beautiful inside and out, now you’ll be even more!!!! You look wonderful! Keep up the great work, you deserve it. Your so strong! Whoop Whoop!!! 😀👍


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