1 Amazing Trip + 2 Crazy Experiences = 3 Days of Adventure!

After being incredibly touched by the last trip out to deliver hay to the Wildfire Relief area Farmer decided we should go again, this time together as a couple.

What an amazing experience!!  We arrived at the shop at 6:30 Sunday morning and loaded our bag and snacks into the semi and away we went.

Our little convoy consisted of 4 Semis, 2 Pickups, 9 drivers, 3.5 Spouses and 4 “drivers in training” all hauling hay to Colorado- almost 2500 miles round trip.

I rode with Farmer until the 2nd day when we got to Lexington, Nebraska.

Then things got crazier…
I have a farm wife friend that I only know from an internet chat group that lived nearby.  We met at a truck stop and I hopped out of the semi and into her Tahoe where she and her son followed our convoy the 2 hours to our drop off in Colorado!
Sometimes you just meet a group of friends that just “get you” and I am blessed beyond measure to have more than a few spread throughout the country! We felt like old friends and talked nonstop for 5 hours!  Now, I don’t always recommend that you drive to the middle of nowhere and get in a car with a stranger to drive even farther to the middle of nowhere. However, sometimes life is full of strange and wonderful adventures.

When we arrived at the ranch, in the middle of some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen, we were met by the rancher and his wife.  They were exactly as I expected. Kind, welcoming, and thankful in a way that was not full of any self-pity.

She offered to take us on a tour of the fire devastation. It was very humbling. The grass was gone and there was nothing to hold down the soil/sand so it was piled up in the ditches and water troughs. The fields were bare, and there were homes, trees, and equipment scorched and gone.

Their ranch lost 3000 acres of pasture land and they figure they will need at least 50 semi loads of hay to feed their animals before there will be enough land to start grazing on.
When we got back from our tour it was time to hit the road. With rounds of hugs, handshakes, and a few pictures we left our new friends and headed for home.

Spending 72 nonstop hours with my husband was a blast, hanging out with a fellow farm wife was amazing, but meeting the ranchers in Colorado and knowing that we could help a tiny bit was just fantastic!

May God bless everyone touched by the Wildfires!
All the hay and equipment going out is headed there by drivers who donated their time, driving donated trucks, hauling donated trailers, full of donated hay/supplies, fed and fueled by donations. Not one of these things possible without the other.

The heart of America’s rural communities is alive and well!

Wildfires, Volunteers, and Love, Oh my!


“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

― Fred Rogers


Welcome to Blog Post #1!

I’ll save the “Get to Know Me” for next time…  Today I have to tell you about the excitement we had this past week.

Have you ever had an experience that touched you all the way down to your soul?

Farmer took part in an amazing group effort this last week. Taking supplies out west to the fire relief areas.

But it wasn’t just him!  It was over 55 other trucks, volunteers that donated hay, fencing supplies, fuel, and business that gave cash towards all those things.
It was the grandma’s who babysat so people could go, the volunteers who researched trucking regulations and contacted state representatives to cut through red tape.  It was the wives who packed snacks and kissed husbands goodbye.
Honestly, it was the heart of the American farmer and small town rural communities who saw a need and stepped up to the plate.

It’s what makes my Farmer special and others like him. They answer the call with prayers, time, money, and a servant’s heart.

Farmer and his buddies in 2 other trucks were dispatched to a ranch in Colorado. When Farmer expressed his sympathy to the rancher he was more worried about what the fire did to the land and cattle than his bottom line.

What is special is that amazing community support. There were several farmers who were interviewed on this trip, when asked “Why make the trip?” the answers were all similar:

“Why Not”~ Andy Jahn
“It’s what we’re supposed to do in this country” ~ Justin Wenthe
“It seems like a farmer is your neighbor no matter how far away they live”~ Frank Szymanski

***As I was posting this Farmer came in and asked if I would go with him to make another run to deliver supplies this weekend! So stay tuned folks.  Adventure Awaits!

For more information and to see what volunteers have done from all over the country click here: