Transformation Tuesday!


1 year ago today I made a HUGE life altering decision and had Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico. 115 pounds lighter my stomach wasn’t the only thing I left in Mexico.  I also left behind the old me with some bad eating habits, a very painful knee, and sitting on the sidelines while watching my kids ride bikes.89B4806B-2282-4661-8A5C-FA9FBA92D396

It has not been an easy path!
No one tells you that strangers and family will grant themselves permission to critique your physical appearance. *Thanks for noting that my hips aren’t as wide.
That navigating the grocery store will cause you to forget that you no longer eat donuts and then be sad when you get in the car and realize you can’t have it.
They don’t put in the book that your hair will fall out and your son will flick the extra skin under your arms like a game.
You are told how great it will be when you buy smaller clothes!  They first time I bought new jeans I was excited!  The 3rd time I bought smaller jeans I was wishing jeans didn’t cost so much…

BUT don’t let that get you down!
I am stronger, healthier, and happier!
Mexico kept my stomach and they also kept my title of: “the fat friend”, “the girl with the pretty face”, they kept the pain in my knees, and some of my lack of self confidence.
Mexico can celebrate that they took my stomach and gave be back a life lived full and well; serving my family and others, working on the farm with more ease, and running full steam ahead to see what other adventures life throws our way!

Motivation Monday!



With an extended 4th of July last week and all of our extra visitors it has been a long weekend of catching up both on the farm and in our personal lives.

I fielded a lot of questions from friends and family over the holiday about what’s going on with my weight loss. People wanted to know what I’ve been doing, how much weight I’ve lost, and if I feel better.

** I’m doing GREAT!
** I have lost approximately 110 pounds.
** With my gastric sleeve surgery I basically have to eat a very high protein and low carb diet.  It’s not too bad to follow but I love me sweets and need to make sure I focus on protein and veggies before any treats get on my plate.  By then I’m usually too full to indulge more than a small bite. My tummy will not tolerate bread well (I think it swells up in there and makes me uncomfortable) and I can’t do anything carbonated (bye bye my beloved Crown & Coke)

** As far as exercise goes, I walk about 10 miles a week and do Pilates twice a week.
I do have more energy but don’t realize that I move a bit easier unless someone points it out. Farmer notices the most because he sees me working and climbing in and out of equipment.
How much more weight do I have to lose? Only time will tell. My body will probably find its comfortable weight in about 30-50 more pounds if I can get there…

I’ve been lacking a bit in the motivation department lately and so I’ve signed up for a few 5K walks to keep myself on task. I did a Glow Run a few weeks ago and beat my previous time by about 4 minutes!  This coming Thursday I’m doing a Wine Run (If you survive they reward you with a glass of wine) and hoping to beat that time too!

Farming and weight loss are very similar in the fact that you really have to be self-motivated and able to stay on task without a “boss” telling you when and where to do things. When we need to get things done on the farm no one is here saying “You should go fix the sprayer.” or “If you don’t get out and get the beans cultivated instead of going to the parade you are going to lose yield”

I have always been very proud and in awe of my farmer’s work ethic. I know this weekend that he would have rather sat around the bonfire telling stories with his sisters and family but he sucked it up and finished the last of our dry bean cultivating. *Which was a good thing because it rained and field work is on hold for a while again.

It’s the same reason I try to get up and go for a walk or go to Pilates class.  There is just no way to get healthy without making the commitment to myself and making it happen.

What do you do to keep yourself motivated?